The Experiencing in the Bai Great Volume Songs Opera The Mandarin Duck10.21 16:00 / 19:30;10.22 15:00 / 19:30  Black Box Theatre, STA

Great Volume Songs of the Bai People is a form of storytelling and is the intangible cultural heritage of Dali Prefecture, Yunnan province. This art form matured in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and gradually declined afterwards.


This work combines Great Volume Songs of the Bai People with drama, physical theatre, and modern puppet show. The plot is based on the story of two village gods “Baijie” and “Lord of East Mountain” who are a loving couple in Benzhuism (the worship of local gods) which is the indigenous religion typical of the Bai People. The focus of the story is on the couple wearing the wrong “shoes”, while the play uses the ancient anecdote about the two gods to explore the philosophical issue of freedom and bondage in marriage from a contemporary perspective.