Drama:Zhang San borrows boots10.21-22 14:00/16:00  


Zhang San borrows bootsis a classic comedy of Jiangxi Opera which is listed in the national-level intangible cultural heritage. Zhang San who is an arrogant character in Zhang San borrows boots intends to borrow a pair of boots from Liu Er, known as a miser, in order to look more decent in a banquet. Although Liu has used various excuses to refuse Zhang, he finally compromised and lent his boots to Zhang after experiencing Zhang’s hard and soft tactics. Their totally opposite and exaggerated personalities make the process full of humor. When a classic comedy of traditional opera comes across contemporary script interpretation, when the form of traditional opera mixes the approach of character shaping in modern drama, when Yiyangqiang which is one of the four operatic tunes combines with live band of modern instruments, what will happen?