Environment Drama: Lost Time Turning Around10.21-22 14:00/18:00  Back Lawn

“Everyone is separated from each other by barriers.”

    Indifference and loneliness slowly become our cells. They reproduce in our bodies.In modern society, people are buried with instability, closed despair, isolated communication barriers, people and caged animals. Therefore, time is just a symbol, a symbol that is fading away. In the noisy, complicated and crazy modern cities, people squirm like a colony of worker ants every hour of the day.The pursuit of material is also eroded by material and eventually alienated by matter.

《Lost Time Turning Around》This is the story of a park bench, a ridiculous bloody struggle to monopolize the bench.A person who wants to use suicide to save others, and another person who kills himself because he hates himself.The monologue monologue, the loneliness of existence, the morbid absurdity, and the ridiculous weep... On the grassland, fencing off spectators and actors in the zoo is a better way to convey the sharp drama of "survival pain".

《Lost Time Turning Around》This is an absurd drama, the story contains a lot of metaphors, it can let us look directly at the pain, worthy of careful taste. It is hoped that the audience can think through it of the precious lost in the survival of modern people, not afraid of the truth of life, let time turn.