Contemporary Dance: The Shadow10.24-25 14:00/16:00  Room 106,Red Building

You can't see the real you, and what you see is your shadow.

The shadow said,

"I exist in the light of light."

"I am the other side of the world for all things in the world".

"I'm cruising under those visible relationships."

"I am on the side of those unknowable secrets."

"When I tear up the contract and decide to betray, will you choose to listen to my inner voice?”


We are neglecting the existence of our shadows, and at the same losing warmth when we make contact with other people. Perhaps we don’t have any imagination on our shadows anymore, but we always tend to forget, how close we are with them: When you’re alone and anxious you can hear your shadow screaming, while you yourself are also struggling desperately and meaninglessly.

By repeating, twisting and overlapping, this dance work reorganized our body movements in order to illustrate the theme: our shadows and us. It was also the director trying to communicate with the ‘unknown me’ through the ‘me’ at presence- and so to perhaps see the ‘real me’, or at least inspect it from a third party’s point of view.