Drama: Jar Players10.25 19:30  Black Box Theatre, STA

All of us might open a "jar" in our life.

A desolate wilderness, there are three human called Large, Medium and Small playing with a jar and each had his own metaphor for it.

Then, a scholar began to join the team, followed Large, Medium and Small together to play, explore and study... What is it in this jar? Is it a treasure? A steamed bun? Or...?

It might be difficult for audiences to understand this play because there will be a series of absurd lines from time to time. For instance, like the character who will open the jar in the play, what seems to be doing is quite reasonable, but in fact it is meaningless and a bit ridiculous action. It used prophecies to awaken what people might have been through. In addition, the style of the play will be the same as zhang's interpretation of the script, with a "most rustic, clumsy, and silly" attitude to show the script that a hint of the expression.