Contemporary Dance - TouchNov. 18-19 19:30  Venue Shanghai International Dance Center Experimental Theater

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence...   and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content."—— Hellen Keller

"Touch" is a physical caress, as well as a work of empathy.  It represents the proactive behavior and responsive emotions of a person.  It consists of weight, temperature, perception - an act of liveliness.  "Shadow" is the other side of Light, the line drawn between the bright and dark, the defects and the regrettable.  It is the hidden corner within a human heart - private and without temperature, silent and dappled - yet buried deep down is its own beauty and sensitivity.  Under the dusk sky and oblique rays of sunset, the city's shadows layer upon one another.  A beam of light escapes into darkness, bringing to sight selves hidden under obscurity and crowds darting between lights.  A life overshadowed by the significant event and this exact moment, shrouded by an inexplicable burden, is perceived.  This performance employs real-time non-standard fixed-point motion capture technology developed by ShanghaiTech University, enabling virtual images and dancers to illuminate and perform alongside each other.  Virtual images are metaphorical of self-projection and visual memories of individuals, which in turn serves to present the interwoven yet confrontational relationship between physical bodies and a virtual reality.  The performance will break free of time and space, challenge boundaries of illusion versus reality, and explore the new form of artistic performance as well as its relationship with viewers.



Graduated with degree in Dance Choreography from Shanghai Theatre Academy,the member of Shanghai Dancer’s Association, Level 2 Teacher; Principal of Slipper Project.  2019 Guest Performer at If There were Only Chinese Songs in the World; Contestant by invitation in "Dance Smash" season one on Hunan TV and "Dancer" on Dragon TV Main creative staff of large-scale dance-poetry Red.  Production Red Light Lantern, So be it entered Germany-hosted international choreography competition "No Ballet"; Mortise-Tenon entered Laiwu International Drama Festival and won most popularity Production Swim Out Till the Sea Turns Blue entered 2021 "Youth Incubation Platform" of Shanghai International Dance Theatre.  Individual representative works: About Dreams, I would say…, Life, Life, Sear, etc.



Principal of Slipper Project.  2014-2019 employed by Caster Shanghai,  2017 ALL ASIA WAACKING FESTIVAL Champion of China division, represented China to compete at Asia Finals, 2018 awarded Sino-Dutch International Dance Festival Scholarship to studied abroad at Amsterdam, 2017 and 2019 Guest Performer at If There were Only Chinese Songs in the World.  Led team to participate in television shows Dance Smash on Hunan TV, Dancer on Dragon TV, Dance in Step on Shenzhen TV, Mentor of Youku-made television program Street Dance of China contestant training camp.


Creative Entertainment Lab (CEL) by School of Creativity and Art, ShanghaiTech University

CEL is committed to deep learning, virtual digital human, new media interaction, VR/AR/MR/XR and other technologies, and the exploration of new forms of creative entertainment (variety show, film and television, animation, games, live entertainment, online video, etc.) and immersive experience.


Multi-disciplinary Artificial Reality Studio (MARS) by School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University

We target top-tier research of artificial intelligence, light field stage, motion capture, intelligent relighting, VR/AR.  We constantly devote ourselves to upgrade the application of technologies in various fields.  At present, we are focusing on exploring the application of cutting-edge computer vision technology in film and television production and mass entertainment market.