New media theater

As for the overall structure, the theater consists of five works, each is an independent miniature with different forms, ultimately aimed to explore how new media concepts and technical characteristics promote the development or reform of traditional plays, dnace-drama and musical operas in terms of artistic concepts and languages, thus creatng a new theater of media that reforms, in a sense, the traditional dramatic forms. As for the performance content, the works of the theater lay stress on re-interpreting traditional Chinese culture and creation myths with the modern writing ideas and techniques used in music, media and drama, looking forward to unearthing the connotations and spirit of the traditional Chinese culture and creation myths in the contemporary context by way of a new theater of media. The theater is a creative and synergic effort of numerous artists from various well-reputed universities, including the School of Digital Media of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, School of Digital Media and the School of Digital Media of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai Institute of Design of Chinese Academy of Arts, the Department of Digital Media of XiAn Conservatory of Music, and the Department of Digital Media of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Resorting to new concepts and techniques of media, Duanjun Stage was creatively modified and in combination with unique music structure and languages, five independent miniature works, including new indoor operas of media like KuaFu Chases after the Sun and the Bird Jingwei Trying to Fill the Sea, and new media opera of Qiang Nationality like You Are My Mountain.

Theratrical Events 2017
Indoor Activities 2017

Long River Workshop

Wenchung Lin finds traces of the subtle movements stimulated by the experimental thinking in Small End (2013), while the well-tuned body which shows its highly existence in its breath is integrated into the pure dance what Wenchung Lin has been famous for. Long River carries the expectations of an artist to embrace the artistic vision targeting medium/large-sized theatre, to digest what he has experienced while working in a smaller venue, to polish the artistic pursuit of the dance company, and to move forward to a bigger production. Wenchung Lin dance troupeWenchung Lin served Bill T. Jones Dance Company as the professional dancer for 7 years while his journey in USA. After his return,Wenchung Lin set up the dance troupe which he named after himselfe.“No body, no company,” and vice versaThe water images in his works represent how Wenchung Lin explores the mother culture and the “pan-Asian body,” which can be further traced back to his folk dance training. The Western experience in Bill T. Jones when he stayed in the USA forced him to question his own identity between tradition and modernity, resulting in the series works where the artist searched for his true self in the mother culture through water reflection. “The first question is how to differentiate my works from Cloud Gate and Taipei,China Folk Dance Theatre when we are all trying to bring the Western and the Eastern together,” says Lin, who confesses that there is no shortcut to find an answer. However, as long as something interesting comes up for him to dig into once in a while, he can continue the journey.

Indoor Activities 2017

Voices of Hong Kong: Concert by Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

The Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble endeavors to preserve, inherit and develop Chinese music culture in Hong Kong. The concert Voices of Hong Kong will show the audience the succession and development of traditional and modern Chinese chamber music in Hong Kong.The programme includes works of Cantonese Music virtuosi, they are Thunder in the Droughtby Yan Laolie, In Celebration of Good Times by Yau Hok-chau, Autumn Moon over a Placid Lakeby Lui Man-shing, Rain Lashing on the Plantain by Ho Lau-tong, an ancient tune Meditations in the Boudoir, and other works of Hong Kong famous composers, they are Koel on Mount Parker by Clarence Mak, Lotus Pond Balladeby Sierra Tse, By The Nan Lian Garden by Chan Wing-wah, and The Joy of Tea-pickingby Lo Leung-fai.The concert is an epitome resembling the evolution of Hong Kong from a small fishing village to one of the worlds best known metropolitan cities nowadays and it also demonstrates Hong Kong-specific cultural characteristic combined with tradition and modernity.Acknowledgement: Supported by Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionDirector/ Speaker: Pak Tak-wan ChristopherDirector: Chan Chiu-yinCoordinator: Shek Yuk WuStage Manager: Lee Yau Chung JonesAdministrator & Stage Assistant: Leung Chung YanPerformers:Chan Kai-him(Erhu/ Gaohu)Tse Kim-fei(Zhonghu/ Yehu/ Percussion)Kwok Ka-ying(Yangqin)Wong Ling-yan*(Pipa/ Qinqin)Chan Sze-tung(Zhongruan/ Daruan)Chow Lai-kuen(Zheng)Ho Siu-cheong(Dizi/ Xiao)Kwok Shing-cho(Sheng)Co-concertmaster

Outdoor Activities 2017