The Nightingale and the Rose2015/10/16-17 19:30  城市剧院

The Nightingale and the Rose

(1) Synopsis

Based on British writer Oscar Wilde’s short story The Nightingale and the Rose, this dance theatre seeks to deliver the essence of Wilde’s imagination. In the story, a young man vocalizes his despair for there are no roses in his garden for the girl he loves, which is overheard by a nightingale, a creation associated with love, innocence and romance. The nightingale, so much touched by the beauty and soul of the student, decides to relieve his pain by finding him the red rose. The nightingale sings all night under the moon and pierces its own heart with the rose’s thorn, a sacrifice that makes the red rose grow and bloom. Unfortunately, the rose fails to win the heart of the materialistic girl who chooses jewel over flower.

By integrating classical elements and modern values, Wang Yuanyuan interprets the story in her beautiful modern ballet, infusing this Western classical narrative with Eastern aesthetics.


(2)Artist Profile

WANG Yuanyuan (Choreographer)

Wang YuanYuan, a chinese choreographer of ballet and modern dance, enjoys a world-wide reputation. Graduated from Beijing Dance school, and later California College of Arts. Wang has done the choreography for the corps de ballet of China, Denmark, New York. And she has won prizes in the United States, France, Russia, etc. She, together with the leading team, established the Beijing Dance Theater, releasing the 《The Banquet》,《The pulm in a golden vase》

HAN Jiang (Stage Designer)

Graduated from the central academy of  drama, Han Jiang has worked as a stage designer of national ballet since 2002. He began to design the light and space since graduation. His works include: 《Swan Lake》,《Pirates》,《Giselle》, 《Peony Pavilion》.

LIN Huiyin (Script Translator)