Erhu Physical Theatre - Cooing and Wooing

Inspired by the household poem in The Classic of Poetry, the best known verse collections in Chinese literary canon, Dong Jie joins forces with Zhao Lei to create Cooing and Wooing, a visceral expression of a young man to the fair maiden he loves via the interaction of live performance of Chinese traditional music and contemporary dance. The virtuosic Erhu player Zhao Lei, taking the role of the youth, with the accompaniment of three other ancient Chinese instruments (Xiao, Guzheng and Zhonghu) and the cross-over dialogue with the dancers, indulges himself in the longing for the maiden recurrent in his dreams; after his wooing is frustrated, the musician cannot fall asleep but tosses all night long, with only the sorrowful music lingering on to comfort his lonely heart. Dong JieAward-winning choreographer Dong Jie graduated from Beijing Dance Academy majoring in Contemporary Dance Choreography. Many of his works have received both national and international recognition and awards in various competitions, including the Helsinki International Ballet Competition, the Ludwigshafen dance competition and Lotus Cup, the most important dance competition in China. His choreography features the elements of Chinese traditional folk dance and the powerful expression of contemporary dance. Dong Jie was commissioned by Oper Graz in 2012 to co-create modern dance I Can Think and Dream about It as part of the theatres international collaboration program. Zhao LeiAs the new icon of Erhu player, Zhao garners the reputation not only for his quintessential techniques but also for his soul-stirring story-telling skills. While mastering the traditional Erhu repertories, he innovatively plays jazz, tango and other Western genres with this two-stringed bow instrument. He learned to play Erhu from a number of mostly respected masters and graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Since 2007, he has held many recitals at key venues like Shanghai Oriental Arts Center and appeared in a number of music festivals in Asia. He has also been actively collaborating with musicians all over the world, such as Bobby McFerrin, electronic organ player Yuki Kanda and British band "Temple".

Dance 2012