Modern Drama: On the Road

In ancient China, Mingtu Lu Yin, a small piece of paper, a.k.a the special night boat to the afterlife, is the pass to the road of the underworld. During Ming and Qing Dynasty, people believed that the dead had to get the Mingtu Lu Yin and went to the other world, or his soul would linger forever in this world without transmigration and rebirth. The official Lu Yin was only issued by Chenghuang Miao, the local Temple of the Town Deity where the dead one was born, otherwise, the pass was invalid.In the regnal era of Yongle Emperor, Ming Dynasty, the Peking pickle workshop owner Lao Cheng was dying, but the poor man fought hard to hold his last breath to wait his delayed Lu Yin. Due to the flood, the road between the north and south was blocked. Before getting his valid Lu Yin from his hometown, he could not close his eyes and pass away peacefully.After seeing Lao Chengs determination and suffering, his son decided to drag his fathers coffin with Lao Cheng lying in it, alive, from Peking to Nanjing, travelled by the land route and then by boat, to attain the Lu Yin. Director\Playwright: YANG YIKUNStage\Lighting Design: WANG RUNJIECostume\Puppet Design: WU YANGMake up Design: WANG MEIQIComposer: ZHANG YIXINChoreographer: LIU MEICHIStage Manager: SUN MENGZHUCast: YANG YINGYU, HAO SHANSHAN, WANG SHANSHUI, LI ZIDONG Art Director: JIANG RUOYUInscription: HAO GUANGProducer: YE WENExecutive Producer: HAO SHANSHANTranslation: LIU LIPromotion Manager: TIAN LICHENGraphic Design: ZHANG MIAOAcknowledgements: LUO XI, GU XINTONG, CHEN YUJING, LI YUANYUAN       CHINA COAL MINE ART TROUPE

Drama 2016