Contemporary Dance - Touch

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence... and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." Hellen Keller"Touch" is a physical caress, as well as a work of empathy. It represents the proactive behavior and responsive emotions of a person. It consists of weight, temperature, perception - an act of liveliness. "Shadow" is the other side of Light, the line drawn between the bright and dark, the defects and the regrettable. It is the hidden corner within a human heart - private and without temperature, silent and dappled - yet buried deep down is its own beauty and sensitivity. Under the dusk sky and oblique rays of sunset, the citys shadows layer upon one another. A beam of light escapes into darkness, bringing to sight selves hidden under obscurity and crowds darting between lights. A life overshadowed by the significant event and this exact moment, shrouded by an inexplicable burden, is perceived. This performance employs real-time non-standard fixed-point motion capture technology developed by ShanghaiTech University, enabling virtual images and dancers to illuminate and perform alongside each other. Virtual images are metaphorical of self-projection and visual memories of individuals, which in turn serves to present the interwoven yet confrontational relationship between physical bodies and a virtual reality. The performance will break free of time and space, challenge boundaries of illusion versus reality, and explore the new form of artistic performance as well as its relationship with viewers. MiaGraduated with degree in Dance Choreography from Shanghai Theatre Academy,the member of Shanghai Dancers Association, Level 2 Teacher; Principal of Slipper Project. 2019 Guest Performer at If There were Only Chinese Songs in the World; Contestant by invitation in "Dance Smash" season one on Hunan TV and "Dancer" on Dragon TV Main creative staff of large-scale dance-poetry Red. Production Red Light Lantern, So be it entered Germany-hosted international choreography competition "No Ballet"; Mortise-Tenon entered Laiwu International Drama Festival and won most popularity Production Swim Out Till the Sea Turns Blue entered 2021 "Youth Incubation Platform" of Shanghai International Dance Theatre. Individual representative works: About Dreams, I would say…, Life, Life, Sear, etc. HenryPrincipal of Slipper Project. 2014-2019 employed by Caster Shanghai, 2017 ALL ASIA WAACKING FESTIVAL Champion of China division, represented China to compete at Asia Finals, 2018 awarded Sino-Dutch International Dance Festival Scholarship to studied abroad at Amsterdam, 2017 and 2019 Guest Performer at If There were Only Chinese Songs in the World. Led team to participate in television shows Dance Smash on Hunan TV, Dancer on Dragon TV, Dance in Step on Shenzhen TV, Mentor of Youku-made television program Street Dance of China contestant training camp. Creative Entertainment Lab (CEL) by School of Creativity and Art, ShanghaiTech UniversityCEL is committed to deep learning, virtual digital human, new media interaction, VR/AR/MR/XR and other technologies, and the exploration of new forms of creative entertainment (variety show, film and television, animation, games, live entertainment, online video, etc.) and immersive experience. Multi-disciplinary Artificial Reality Studio (MARS) by School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech UniversityWe target top-tier research of artificial intelligence, light field stage, motion capture, intelligent relighting, VR/AR. We constantly devote ourselves to upgrade the application of technologies in various fields. At present, we are focusing on exploring the application of cutting-edge computer vision technology in film and television production and mass entertainment market.

Dance 2021

Contemporary Dance - What Can I Hold You With

In the year 1934, the Spanish-speaking writer Jorges Luis Borges penned two untitled English poems. He perhaps never had imagined that one poem would one day turn out to be one of his most widely-read pieces. The poem was later titled What can I hold you with? by readers. The namesake modern dance choreography is an homage to the Borges poem. Choreography, like poem, opens up room for interpretation by leaving certain things unsaid. Obsessed with the unconventional words used by Borges, the choreographer made textual, contextual and intertextual explorations between the lines and created this performance, which is a collage of five standalone sections, each exists in its own imaginative world: a world of memories, a world about the winding of time, or a world based on a ridiculous illusion. Using the language of dance to interpret the poetic words, What can I hold you with is conceived as a collection of short stories told in the form of contemporary dance. What can I hold you with? Like Borges answered in his poem, "I offer you that kernel of myself that I have saved somehow - the central heart that deals not in words, traffics not with dreams and is untouched by time, by joy, by adversities." Cui JianPostgraduate student of Shanghai Theatre Academy. Choreographer, musical choreographer and theater body design and direction. Participation in dance works: Salome, Between, Dream of Zen, The Name of the Rose, etc. Invited to participate in various art festivals which include the Algerian International Contemporary Dance Art Festival, Twelve Days of Chinese Dance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing New Dance International Art Festival, Beijing Youth Drama Festival, Beijing International Design Week. Mandarin version of musical The Lion King as dance captain and Swing. Participation in musical Beauty and the Beast, A Gentlemans Guide of Love and Murder. Art West Bunds The Sound of Musical as dance director. Immersive theater The Message, Dance poems The Soul of Water as choreographer. Major works: Hide and Seek, Celebrating the Meaninglessness, The Fifth Day. Tang YupeiChoreographer and Dancer, Executive Art Director of the Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theater. As a choreographer, Tang had the privilege to cooperate with many talented artists both at home and abroad, including Jorge Crecie, Risima Risimkin, Eyal Dadon, Milan Kozáne, Zhang Yimou and Chao Ke, etc. Also, Tang was invited to participate in various art festivals around the world, which include the Dutch International Dance Art Festival, 7th Algerian International Contemporary Dance Art Festival, 16th Skopje Dance Art Festival, EXODOS Art Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Goyang Karawang Art Festival, Tel Aviv Dance Festival in Israel, Twelve Days of Chinese Dance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts; Beijing New Dance International Art Festival. The work of Inception won the official selection award of 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival in 2021, R.E.M. won the grand prize of EXODOS Art Festival in Ljubljana. Major works: Freezed Frame, Fleet of Time, Insider, The Fifth Day.

Dance 2021

Original Crossover Stageworks - Idyllic Lives

A subversive work that defies all logic and upends your cognition where stage performers use their body languages to the full to construct the absurd theme of ldyllic Lives. By playing contemporary art crossovers, where spatial installations dance to live improvisational music performances, and through stage performers full-on exploration of improvisational body languages and body vibes, the work takes a brand new approach and interprets the "ldyllic Lives" in the eyes of contemporary folks, and re-deconstructs the "Poetic Philosophy" as in Jiangnan Culture, manifesting different concepts of different people and social struc-tures, and bringing the audience a mind-blowingly magnificent body show unveiling relationships between different characters. Cheng LongChoreographer / Teacher / Dance Improviser, Lecturer in Dance Institute of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. Bachelor and Master Degree both of Choreography from Beijing Dance Academy: Master of improvisational Dance Stud-ies, Temple University, USA, Winner of "National Special Art Talent Training Program" sponsored by China Scholarship Council; Bronze Prize Winner of Choreography in the 13th Inter-national Ballet Competition and Contest of Choreographers(2017). In 2018, Cheng Long was commissioned by the 7th Hangzhou International Contemporary Drama Festival to create the work Physical Emotions of Madmen. Cheng Long s work Go Ashore was nominated for the 11th China Dance Lotus Award for Modern Dance and was selected into the 1st China Dance Outstanding Works Collection in 2019. Cheng long has long been deeply engaged in dance improvisation, environmental dance and crossover works. She has been commissioned to create works for many international and domestic art festivals and drama festivals. Her creativity is multi-faceted, with an amazing sense of contemporaneity. Major works: Commissioned work(Feature-length) Physical Emotions of Madmen; Crossover work of Joint Cooperation(Medium-length) Live Together ; Spring , River , Flower, Moon, Night ; The Twist of Time ; Joint Dance Video Chaos Theory 3.0.

Dance 2021

Dance Theatre - Yi

YICHING is a time-honored classic in the history of Chinese civilization with a profound connotation. It is not only called as the "top of all classics", but also the source of Chinese philosophy. YICHING integrates the heaven, the earth and the mans world, and elucidates the life philosophy of self-cultivation and family management. The production extracts the name of YI in order to express the choreographers understanding of "YI", in addition, it also draws on the basis of creativity on the hexagrams, which gives birth to specific movements and images. Taiji elements are also adapted to develop movements, expressing the dynamic balance of "YI" through formal YIN and YANG transformation simultaneously fusing the rigidity and softness, and trying to express the thought of Unity of Heaven and Man, and the artistic conception that the greatest truth is the simplest. Li YuanMFA, Lecturer of Dance School of Shanghai Theatre Academy. For many years, Li has been engaged in the curriculum (Deconstruction and Reconstruction on Physical Actions) research on the Chinese classical dance, exerting to solve the derailment between the physical and rhyme training on the Chinese classical dance and contemporary classical dance. In addition, Li has explored and created a number of excellent contemporary classical dancing works. The creative work High Mountains and Flowing Water has won the first prize in the dance competition of Six Provinces and One City in the East of China. Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix has won the second prize of group dance in "Peach and Plum Cup" dance competition and the gold award in "Lotus Cup" dance competition. Long Sword and Ectopia have won the Award for Competition of small program competition in Shanghai. Tian Heng 500 Scholars has won the "Collectively Creative Youth" award in Shanghai. Heart without Dust has participated in the national dance competition exhibition.

Dance 2019

Contemporary Dance - Clouded

The work Clouded by D.LAB DANCE is to explore a sense of alienation in peoples subconscious when they are overwhelmed by the unprecedented technology development in this era. When we upload all traces of our life to the "cloud", is there no need to hold onto our memories of happiness and sorrow? In the age of digital "cloud", arent we all "cloud"ed? This work is to bring out the characteristics of a particular group of people through the concept of "Clouded". Largely affected by the development of digital technology, this group of people become attached to illusions, and immersed in the "safe house" created by sensory pleasure. They are always searching for things that dont exist in reality. The only outlet of their emotions is psychedelic music at night clubs, where they would find temporary relief. In the work Clouded, we tend to explore their true emotions lying behind the facade they put up. Qian TingtingQian Tingting graduated from Beijing Normal university before moving to join TAO DANCE THEATER and performed in 6 and 7, during which time she received strict training and explored infinite potential of the body. She joined D.LAB DANCE as full-time dancer and choreographer in 2016. Her choreographic works: Parabola(2014), Dance!Dance! Dance!(2017) , Invisible(2018), and The Blue Notebooks(2019). Qians inspiration comes not only from years of immersion in different dance styles, but also from her close observation of little things in life. Dance itself is not the only focus of her work. She tends to merge into her creation the perception of all the changes and different events happening in real life. Apart from theater performance, she also works with musicians, installation artists and fashion brands. Duan JingtingDuan Jingting is a multi-award winning ballerina, an elite contemporary dancer, and a producer of theatre performance. She was awarded the Judges Special Prize in Shanghai International Ballet Competition (2001), the Best New Artist of the 20th Varna International Ballet Competition (2002), and the Bronze Medal in the 7th "Taoli Cup" National Dance Competition (2003). After graduating from Shanghai Dance Academy as valedictorian, she began her career as a dancer in Shanghai Ballet and later joined Hong Kong Ballet and performed many leading roles. DUAN founded D.LAB DANCE in 2014. From 2011, Duan premiered a series of theatrical productions that have been highly recognized by the industry and audience, including Shanghai Jungle(2011), LOVE(2014), Invisible Cities(2014), Fragile(2015), The Letter of Love(2016) and Mirage(2017). In 2016, her works Boundary and Icosahedron were both ranked within the TOP5 Box Office in Chinas Small Theatre Dance Performances.

Dance 2019

Contemporary Dance - The Cube

Through the unique medium of body, the lens is focused at the individuals, who are hustling in the diverse metropolis - Shanghai, and tries to explore the relationship between these individuals and the space. Living in such a city, everyone is subject to tangible or intangible constraints. In this work, the real society is scaled down to a miniature. The model and device constructed on the stage represent and symbolize the relationship between the individual and the society as well as between the body and the space. The work intends to discovery the alien aesthetics hidden in the human body, the tenacious vitality of the human beings in a limited space, and the inner momentum generated through resistance against the space. Du YanhaoDu Yanhao, who lives in Shanghai now, youth director and performance artist. Co opera troupes include: Shiki Theatre Company, New Zealand Black Grace Dance Company, New Zealand Footnote Dance Company, Scotland Janis Claxton Dance Company, Beijing LDTX Dance Company, Shanghai Xie Xin Dance Theatre, Punchdrunk International, SMG Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, D.Lab Dance, Ear Childrens Theatre. He has cooperated with the top artists of the world include: Asari Keita, Kato Keiji, Sang Jijia, Ma Bo, Li Hanzhong, Liu Bin, Zi Wei, Wang Jianjun, Hu Songwei, Wang Jianhui, Jiri Kylian, Paul Taylor, Malia Johnston, Janis Claxton, Neil leremia, Sarah Foster, Eyal Dadon, Taane Mate, Tairoa Royal, Raewyr Hill and so on. He has visited more than 20 countries for the exchange of art festivals. Performances are involved in dance theatres, musicals, dramas, dance videos, cross boundary cooperation and other fields. Musical and drama experience: the British Punchdrunk made the invading drama "Sleep No More" presented by SMG LIVE of Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group. Andrew Lloyd Webber composes the Japanese and Chinese versions of the musical CATS Japanese dramatist Asari Keita wrote and directed the musical Ri Koran. Main works: Newtons Cradle Of Flesh And Bone, Doll, Two Person Structure and so on.

Dance 2018

Contemporary Dance - Beyond the Stillness

In our fickle time where impulse is given free reign, individuals are in a constant state of anxiety, obsessed by both loss and gain. Learning how to find ones position in a rapidly moving society and reconcile oneself with surroundings has become a necessity. The inspiration from the choreography of this performance is the concept of stillness from Eastern Aesthetics. Stillness is a delicate state of balance. The surface may appear placid, but a violent confrontation is taking place underneath. Beyond the Stillness is composed of three pieces Solitude , No Man is a lonely Island and A Group of Three is a Collective presenting the complexity of human three conditions. The language of the dancers movements tells the hidden fluctuations occurring beneath a seemingly calm surface, and the constant adjustments maintaining a composed appearance. Like walking on a balance beam, the dancers are constantly pulled by two opposing forces. Eventually, their struggles lead to an enlightenment. They are reconciled with both themselves and the multitude of reality, and regain a clear and empty state of mind. Zheng JieZheng Jie was born in 1989 in Lanzhou China and graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2011. He received a number of significant awards for his performance in Perhaps fly and became a rising star. After graduation, Zheng joined Beijing Contemporary Ballet Dance Company and later toured with the company to the US, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Singapore and Australia as the leading dancer. During that period, he also worked with the Art Director of the National Danish Dance Theatre to produce End of Loneliness Full, which was performed in New Royal Danish Playhouse. In 2015, he participated in Escaping from the Temple by Zhao Liang, which was commissioned by China Shanghai International Arts Festival; later in the same year, he joined the new concept music dance project Sheng Teng as choreographer. In 2016, he worked for DLAB DANCE as creative choreographer and performed one of Wang Jianhuis works Awakening. He also created The Letter of Love and Icosahedron, which were debuts at Shanghai Grand Theatre. Meanwhile, he initiated a play in which performers could dance in a specific environment and later performed an environmental play in Xintiandi. At the end of 2016, he joined the directing team of dance Early February, which was presented by Shanghai Grand Theatre. He performed in dance The Nightingale and the Rose in Latvia and Estonia, and dance Dinner in UCCA in 2017.

Dance 2017

Dance Theatre - Tang Shi Yi Dance

From a contemporary perspective, "The Flowing Dance From Tang Poetry" guides the audience into the poems written in Tang Dynasty, leads them to perceive the immensity and mystery of the line of verse "Who, by the river, catches the first glance of the moon?Will the moon above the river, by any chance, shine on us soon?" and to sense the profound affection of "There is an end to any love story, while this regret will last beyond history", and holds a dialogue with tradition by using the modern elements of classical dancing. Tang ShiyiGraduated from Beijing Dancing Academy in 2010, the top professional dancing educator throughout China, Tang Shiyi now heads the China National Opera&Dance Drama Theater as leading dancer. Tang has since won champions in a row in various domestic dancing competitions and played leading actress to date among large-scale dance dramas in China. Apart from two classic folk dances Fine Rain&Orchid and Endless Nostalgia, her representative dance dramas also include Where The Legend Begins, Confucious and Pursuit of Dream on Silk Road. In 2015, she led all the way to champion and was crowned as "super dancer" in Super Dancer Born Tonight host by CCTV (China Central Television). The works she starred are essentially inspired by traditional Chinese culture ranging from ancient poems to historical stories. The Chinese stories catapult her dance to stardom, and she, in turn, vitalizes Chinese culture with her body language in her own way.

Dance 2016

Dance Theatre - Farewell My Concubine

The King Disarmed is a classic solo piece played by Chinese traditional instrument Pipa. Based on the historical story of Chu-Han combat in ancient China, this music piece tells of the tragic suicide of King Xiang at the back of the Wu River as he was struck by the eventual defeat at the Battle of Gaixia. Farewell, my Concubine is a dance theatre adapted from the King Disarmed. The theatre unfolds an unlinear historical narrative as Yu Jis phantom is accidently awakened by Pipa performer Tang Xiaofengs pipa music. The theatre presents a dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary, man and female, the identity and the ego, time and space. Ma TaoMa Tao is currently the resident choreographer of the Shanghai Opera House. Graduated from the Department of Choreography at Beijing Dance Academy, Ma won many national and regional prizes in choreographing. Among which there were the second prize of the 8th National Dance Competition, and the golden medal in the 2012 East China Professional Dance Competition. His major works include Mulan (with Graeme Murphy and the Sydney Dance Company), Twelve Beauties of Jin Ling, The Champagne, Zhou Xuan and dance works Night Alley, Rain of the Fortress Besieged. Hes also involved in many cross-genre productions. Tang XiaofengTang Xiaofeng, Pipa soloist of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, one of the best young musicians of traditional folk instrument in China now. Graduating from the Central Conservatory of Music, Tang accomplished his master degree on Pipa performance under the guidance of Pipa master Prof. Zhang Qiang. He is the silver prize winner of the 2011 China Golden Bell Award. Tang is dedicated to infusing up-to-dated elements into the contemporary interpretation of traditional folk music.

Dance 2015

Contemporary Dance - Between N39° and N40°

Between N39° and N49° is a work discussing "distance". Over the years, the choreographer travels back and forth between New York and Beijing, which are located between 39 and 40 degrees north latitude, but across the Pacific Ocean with thousands of miles apart. The physical distance is unchangeable. People come and go, meet and part. The distance of time cannot be changed either. Night and day, darkness and dawn. The river of memory is mixed with the aroma of coffee and sunshine on the streets. Illusions rise from the harshest reality: between 39 and 40 degrees north latitude, what could never be changed is the distance between souls. Lu YahuiLu Yahui is an independent choreographer and dancer. From 2004 to 2012, she worked with Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Beijing Dance Theatre, and Hou Ying Dance Theatre. She also worked with many renowned international artists including Sang Jijia, Zhang Xiaoxiong, Margaret Jenkins, Wang Yuanyuan, Hou Ying, and toured to international arts festivals at more than twenty countries. As a young choreographer, her works include Nineteen Floors Underground, Drowning, Walk Gracefully Once, etc. She relocated to New York in 2013 and has since worked with many choreographers and dance companies, and participated performance projects at Columbia University and New York University. She returned to China in 2015 to create her new work "Face to Face", which was invited to participate the 32nd Annual Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.

Dance 2015

Dance Theatre - Painted Skin

Painted Skin is one of the best stories from Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio. It satirizes the way in which people are adept at "painting skins" for themselves, dressing themselves up with an appealing exterior while hiding a debased soul within. This performance seeks a less-travelled path at the same time while taking the story back to its essence. The wife is cast as the main character as well as the malicious ghost, both played by the same male actor. The malicious ghost is borne out of the turns of the wifes mind: her lack of faith gives rise to the ghost that tormented her husband, and her repentance is also capable of bringing her husband back from the dead. This symbolic deconstruction of the story makes the performance a novel visual experience and creates endless possibilities for imagination. Is the good wife a malicious ghost, or vice versa? This structure, akin to an optical illusion that switches back and forth, conveys the essence of the work and the Eastern concept of beauty. Yang HailongGraduated from College of Dance, Minzu University of China, Yang Hailong is now Executive Art Director of Beijing 9 Dance Theatre. He used to work as a main dancer in Beijing Dance Drama & Opera and Beijing Dance Theatre. Yang has been engaged in choreography in recent years and to Germany, Japan, France and the Netherlands for cultural exchanges and performances. Yangs masterworks include Salome, Ashes Rebirth, The Tea Spell and The Remaking of Humanity. Ashes Rebirth was nominated for the Special Award by the Jury of the Second Denny Award in Beijing for International Excellence in Theatrical Arts and won the Golden Award of the Qunxing Award on the 10th China Art Festival. The dance drama also received the subsidy for the performing arts from Beijing Cultural Bureau.

Dance 2015

Dance Theatre - The Moon Opera

This performance is an adaptation of the most famous novel from the Asian Book Award winner Bi Feiyu. It takes a piercing look into the world of Chinese opera and its female stars. In a fit of diva jealousy, Xiao Yanqiu, star of The Moon Opera, disfigures her understudy with boiling water. Spurned by the troupe, she turns to teaching. Twenty years later, a rich cigarette-factory boss offers to underwrite a restaging of the cursed opera, but only on the condition that Xiao Yanqiu returns to the role of Change. So she does, this time believing she has fully become the immortal moon goddess. Set against the drama, intrigue, jealousy, retribution, and redemption of backstage Peking opera. The Moon Opera is a stunning portrait of women in a world that simultaneously reveres and restricts them. (Supported by 2014 China National Art Fund) Wang YabinDancer, choreographer and actress, Artistic Director of Yabin Dance Company (Yabin Studio), Yabin also has won golden awards in many key national dance competitions, and has been starring in several popular TV series in China. As dancer, choreographer and producer, she creates productions with an international perspective. Works she created in which she was also principle dancer won raves from media and audiences around the world. She was recognized as "one of the most important dancers in Asia" by Knack Focus. "She has a background in Chinese classical dance but has also worked to bring more contemporary dance to China, and headlines an annual programme of creations, Yabin and her Friends...Her performance gives us Chinese and contemporary dance as yin and yang…" by Financial Times. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung commented her "Yabin Wang presented an incredible dance in a soothing rhythm; her flexible, flowing and energetic movements were fascinating." In 2013 Yabin Studio commissioned Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and production the new piece "Genesis". In 2014, Tamara Rojo, Artistic Director of the English National Ballet has invited Yabin Wang to choreograph a dance work for a new production by English National Ballet dedicated to female choreographers entitled "She Said". The performance will be premiered at Sadlers Wells in April, 2016.

Dance 2015
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